The rise of Nathan Cummings and the birth of The Nathan Cummings Foundation.


This mini-documentary film on the story of Nathan Cummings was one of 10 films we created and produced for The Nathan Cummings Foundation. The film "The Power of Nathan Cummings" not only shows a rare glimpse into the life of Nathan Cummings, but also tells the story of the early days of Nathan Cummings and captures the philanthropic vision and the values he instilled in his children.

After spending two days in Chicago with Nathan Cumming's daughter Beatrice “Buddy” Cummings Mayer and his two grandchildren, Robert Mayer and Ruth Durchslag at Mrs. Mayer's penthouse apartment at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago, we were awestruck by the values of Nathan Cummings and by the mission of The Foundation.